Houston design firm founded by Carter Prine.

We are a team of relentless creatives who have a passion for brand identity and world-class design. Artist and Designer Carter Prine began with a simple idea:

“Our brands don’t follow trends — they create them.”

We strive for design perfection. Not to brag; that’s unnecessary.

We think differently about design. Our brands don’t follow trends — they create them. And yes, we said our brands. The moment you become our client, we become invested in your future success.

Partner with us to build brand equity through top-tier design and innovative marketing strategies. Prine Design has extensive brand consulting experience with a range of clients, from start-up’s to Fortune 500’s. Our mission is to reflect your company’s strengths and highlight the value you bring to your customers, from first contact to each recurring transaction. Prine Design delivers consistent results from magazines to websites and mobile apps, to desktop and mobile to print, broadcast and social platforms.

Our offerings include:

  • logo design
  • branding packages
  • websites
  • social media marketing
  • print design
  • email marketing
  • search engine optimization
  • app development
  • corporate training
  • branded SharePoint sites
  • film production
  • motion graphics
  • document templates

Perfectionists at work, artists at heart.

Art flows through our veins. We eat, drink and live art. So we decided to sell it. In our online shop, you’ll find original artworks, archival prints, tees, and other gifts from our designers and artists.