Iron Hill Organics

Local Farm-Fresh Food

Organic produce, grass-fed meats, traditionally fermented food and beverages… Iron Hill Organics is a young startup with big ambitions. The company operates a family farm near College Station, Texas where they recently built a commercial kitchen. Iron Hill’s objective is simple: produce great tasting, organically-grown local foods for consumers and chefs seeking the freshest ingredients, while tending the earth with integrity. When we consider the multitude of artificial ingredients, chemicals and preservatives used by many large food producers, it is a breath of fresh air to encounter a company with an unwavering commitment to quality.

building The iron hill brand

Our goal: express Iron Hill’s passion for great products and honest business. We set out to create branding which captured the ethos of the company:

    • Tending the earth well is a journey
    • Taking the high road leads to better products