True Grit Kombucha

Iron Hill organics’ kombucha has serious backbone

A New Breed of Health Drink

The True Grit package design differentiates it from other products on the market. There are no flowery images or mystical-sounding quips on Iron Hill products. This is a true Texas-born drink… the type you might see a cowboy drinking. We approached this package design in a way that highlights its tough roots. The logo was hand-drawn then imported and traced in Illustrator. We also created a new branding mark for “Made in Texas” which can be licensed by Texas-based businesses and displayed on their products.

Kombucha ain’t just for hippies no more

True Grit will be available in stores in 2016. As Iron Hill gears up for the product release, we are working to launch the website in tandem. Currently, there is a launch page at while we build the website in the background. No hippies were harmed during the making of this design.