Your link to the finest wines & the tastiest tunes

Vino & Vinyl is a wine and record merchant outside of Houston. Their brand needed to reflect the owner’s mission to “create a space where people can feel comfortable to grow in their admiration, appreciation, and love of all things wine and music.” Since the concept is so unique, we felt the logo should clearly communicate exactly what Vino & Vinyl is all about. The logo is being used to brand print materials and signage in the shop, as well as some pretty sweet merchandise. Next, we developed and launched the website, and created a web commercial to explain the Vino & Vinyl company philosophy. 

Building the VINO & VINYL WEB


Create a web presence Which:
REFLECTs the unique concept of vino & Vinyl
Provides the most relevant information on the homepage
Displays well on mobile devices

Create a commercial Which:
Explains the VINo & Vinyl PHilosophy in 4 minutes
Gets the community Geared up for the grand opening
Stimulates cravings for Good Wine & Good Music

Launch the Site