ZeoNet, Inc.

building the zeonet brand

ZeoNet is a network of experts, providing services for improvement and optimization projects in the Oil & Gas industry. The company name “ZeoNet” is a blending of the words ‘zeolite’ and ‘network,’ alluding to the significance of the invention of the zeolite catalyst in the history of industrial and chemical engineering. The ZeoNet brand needed to convey complex ideas in a simple way.

The logo began as a series of drawings with a single aim:

Communicate the concept of a multi-faceted framework while highlighting “Z” and “N” when viewed from different perspectives.

Prine Design has exceeded our highest expectations.

ZeoNet Logo Black-Gray

ZeoNet Logo Black

ZeoNet Logo Black

Building the ZEONET WEB


Create a web presence which reflects:
the ZeoNet culture of innovation & philosophy of continual improvement.

Deliver branded webmail / hosted cloud storage solution.

Launch Website

Branded Webmail

Cloud File Sharing Login

Branded Cloud File Sharing